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Children and Parental Illness

By Samuel Zaks When a parent is diagnosed with a serious illness, spouses, siblings, and grandparents are all impacted, but children are particularly vulnerable. A variety of factors, including dependency on parents for safety and security combined with fertile imaginations make this experience uniquely challenging. With the population increasing and the incidence of cancer and genetic diseases rising, the number of affected children continues to grow. Concerned adults (including parents, family, friends and educators) need to acquaint themselves with the impact of parental illness as such situations unfortunately become more prevalent. While there is no exact recipe or timetable for more info

Dayenu – It Would Have Been Enough

If Chai4ever had only cleaned my house for Pesach, Dayenu. If they had only sent delicious prepared meals to stock my freezer for Yom Tov, Dayenu. If their volunteers had only taken my children shopping for Yom Tov outfits and shoes, Dayenu. If their Big Brothers and Sisters had only taken my kids out to play, so my husband and I could get some rest, Dayenu. If their social worker had only called us before Pesach to make sure we had everything we needed, reminding us that we are not alone in our ordeal, Dayenu. If they had only more info

Chai4ever’s Chol Hamoed Trip by the Numbers

234 Families 1025 Hot Dogs 354 Scoops of Tuna 1600 Crispit Crackers 2320 Bags of Chips 3250 Chocolate Bars 3000 Pesach Cookies 1200 Drink Boxes 880 Water Bottles 6 Cases Fruit Juice 50 Bottles of Soda 1530 Fruit Leathers 76 Pounds Assorted Candies 1 Unbelieveably Fun Chai4ever Adventure!   more info

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