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Maybe You’ll Be Old Someday


Almost everyday, I see or hear the words:
I'm so old!
I don't want to be old!
Oh no, 30 (or 40 or 50....) that's so old!
Blah blah... such 'n such... OMG we are getting SO old!

Really? Old? Is that a bad thing because I'm praying for my next birthday and the next.... I don't know if I'll see 40 but I'm sure excited about the opportunity and the same goes for 50 and 60 and 70....

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The Sweetest Place on Earth

Chai4ever patients and children took a break from illness to visit the sweetest place on earth - Hershey Park!

The misty weather could not dampen their spirits. Patients and their families enjoyed a full day at the park, a delectable lunch in the park's Sukkah, and gifts for their children.

Smiles. Hope. Strength. Spirit.

Click through the gallery to view the pictures!


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Basketball Restores Spirits!

A grateful mom reports:

"Thanks so much for the fantastic seats. We had such a great time at the Nets vs. Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball game! Winer1

My girls were so happy. One of them told me while walking into the arena that she was so excited, her heart was racing.

This time I knew it was the good kind of "racing" and not the kind of racing we experienced when I was diagnosed and had to undergo multiple surgeries.

Thanks for the smiling happy faces."

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