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Chai4ever provides emotional and practical support for families dealing with the acute or chronic illness of a parent. We understand that when a parent becomes incapacitated due to illness, it can throw the entire family into crisis. We seek to mitigate the repercussions of parental illness by surrounding families with the care and support they need to maintain a stable and functional home life.

Thanks to our generous supporters Chai4ever is currently providing support services to over 500 patients, families and children from across the United States and in Israel. With your help we hope to enrich the lives of many more families in crisis with our hands-on assistance and care in the years to come.

Giving Kids a Chance to Thrive

A parent’s illness is particularly difficult and frightening for children, both emotionally and because of the disruption it causes to their regular routine. At Chai4ever, we support the children of sick parents with a variety of services to help them cope and even flourish in this difficult time. Our programs offer kids the love and emotional support they need, homework help, and advocacy and school intervention with educators and therapists to minimize the impact of the trauma they are experiencing.

We also schedule recreational outings and getaways, so kids can get a break from the stress and heaviness produced by their parent’s illness. We have organized special concerts, carnivals, trips to indoor activity centers, all with the purpose of giving kids and their parents a reprieve from the difficulties of their situation.

Also, when medical expenses keep piling up and families lose income because the ill spouse can no longer work, paying for things like holiday and birthday gifts for children, or sending the little ones to summer camp can seem virtually impossible. Holidays and birthdays are already difficult for children when a parent is sick, and the absence of gifts makes it that much more disheartening, both for the children and the parents.

Special holiday and birthday gifts and gift certificates are just one of the many ways Chai4ever surrounds afflicted families with hope and support. Additionally, we are thrilled to be able to send the children of sick parents to summer camp when illness and expenses might otherwise prevent them from attending. Chai4ever has even established our own summer traveling camp that serves over 200 kids in Israel with sick parents.

Support for Spouses and Patients

Chai4ever knows that the patient and the healthy spouse need support as well, so we offer a variety of helpful services to lend support to the parents. We provide transportation to and from doctor’s visits, we deliver delicious dinners, as well as insurance advocacy, grief and stress counseling, housekeeping help, and much more. We even organize getaways just for the parents so they have some time to de-stress and rejuvenate.

Our efforts are made possible by the generosity of donors like you, and we would welcome your one-time or recurring gift. Make your donation today to help us improve the lives of children and families in crisis.

Chai4ever is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

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