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Purim Fun!

Chai4ever's Pre-Purim Carnival was bursting at the seams with fun and excitement! Inflatables and moon shoes kept our children flying high, while Chai4ever volunteers made their spirits soar with lively singing and dancing! Games and treats of all types made sure no one was bored.

“Adar can be a time of despair and isolation for families who can’t embrace the joyous spirit of Purim,” explained Rabbi Shmuel Zaks, Executive Vice President and Founder of Chai4ever. “Our goal during this time was not only to relieve our children and families' pain, but more info

Monsey Unites for Chai4ever

Incredibly emotional gathering this Sunday in Monsey! Tears ran freely at descriptions of Chai4ever’s vital work, and personal accounts by recipients of Chai4ever's help. An inspired crowd responded warmly to the pleas to make sure Chai4ever can continue providing Hope, Strength and Spirit! Read more at Special thanks to our hosts Mr. & Mrs. Barry Adler, Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Cohnen, Mr. & Mrs. Asher David, Rabbi & Mrs. Naftoli Eisgrau, Mr. & Mrs. Akiva Grossman, Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Heinemann, Mr. & Mrs. Shmuel Heinemann, Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Hertz, more info

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