Monsey Unites for Chai4ever

Incredibly emotional gathering this Sunday in Monsey! Tears ran freely at descriptions of Chai4ever’s vital work, and personal accounts by recipients of Chai4ever’s help. An inspired crowd responded warmly to the pleas to make sure Chai4ever can continue providing Hope, Strength and Spirit!


Special thanks to our hosts Mr. & Mrs. Barry Adler, Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Cohnen, Mr. & Mrs. Asher David, Rabbi & Mrs. Naftoli Eisgrau, Mr. & Mrs. Akiva Grossman, Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Heinemann, Mr. & Mrs. Shmuel Heinemann, Mr. & Mrs. Moshe Hertz, Mr. & Mrs. Yochi Herzog, Mr. & Mrs. Yossi Himy, Mr. & Mrs. Hillel Jacobson, Mr. & Mrs. Naftoli Katzman, Mr. & Mrs. Warren Katzman, Mr. & Mrs. Dovid Kirshenbaum, Mr. & Mrs. Naftoli Kirzner, Mr. & Mrs. Elyu Levi, Mr. & Mrs. Raphael Levi, Mr. & Mrs. Shimon Levi, Mr. & Mrs. Simcha Levi, Mr. & Mrs. Yosef Dov Levi, Dr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Lieder, Mr. & Mrs. Nosson Mehl, Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Pantierer, Mr. & Mrs. AB Rosenberg, Mr. & Mrs. Nachum Rosenberg, Mr. & Mrs. Dovid Hillel Schuster, Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Z. Schuster, Rabbi & Mrs. Menny Schwab, Mr. & Mrs. Avraham Sicker, Mr. & Mrs. Chanania Silber, Mr. & Mrs. Lazer Tauber, Mr. & Mrs. Yaakov Wechsler, and Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Weiskopf.

Thank you also to our Rabbinic Committee Rav Alfred Cohen, Rav Zalman Leib Hollander, Rav Aaron Lankry, Rav Meir Levi, Rav Chaim Levitan, Rav Yeshaye Levy, Rav Avi Neuberger, Rav Chaim Rottenberg, Rav Chaim Shabes, Rav Nussen Spiegel, Rav Yosef Veiner, and Rav Ahron Dovid Willner.

Posted by Chai4ever on March 22, 2016

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