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One Week after the Horror in Har Nof: How Are Our Children Doing?


In light of the recent attack in Har Nof, Chai4ever shares Helping Children in Tough Times: Coping with Trauma and Bereavement, Part Two. This is an important read for parents, educators and administrators with practical tips for moving forward.

For more information or to speak with a trauma counselor, please call 646.519.2190. 

It has been a week now since the brutal attack in Har Nof. We have heard hespedim and read inspiring tributes to the victims. We've davened and learned, whispered more info

Recent Events: Common Reactions of Children to Trauma


 In light of the recent traumatic events in Har Nof, Jerusalem, Chai4ever shares common reactions of children to trauma. This is an important read for parents, educators and administrators. For more information or to speak with a grief counselor, please call 646.519.2190. 

 Common Reactions of Children to Trauma

By Moshe Borowski LMSW, ACSW, Director of Crisis Intervention at Chai4ever

When tragedy strikes, children may suddenly find themselves thrust into a world that can be scary and uncertain. The fear and confusion that results more info

Good-bye Forever Denial

cloudsIt cannot possibly be okay or right or acceptable to have to say good-bye forever.

Rosh HaShanna and Yom Kippur thrust me into thinking about morbidity and of course reflect on the unknowns of the future and my life. I'm miraculously in remission for the second time. MIRACLES. So why do I think about death? Why would I need to worry about that right now? Today, everything is fine, praise G-d. Yet, the decorations I never got around to taking down from the Sukkah are fading and more info

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