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Children and Parental Illness

By Samuel Zaks When a parent is diagnosed with a serious illness, spouses, siblings, and grandparents are all impacted, but children are particularly vulnerable. A variety of factors, including dependency on parents for safety and security combined with fertile imaginations make this experience uniquely challenging. With the population increasing and the incidence of cancer and genetic diseases rising, the number of affected children continues to grow. Concerned adults (including parents, family, friends and educators) need to acquaint themselves with the impact of parental illness as such situations unfortunately become more prevalent. While there is no exact recipe or timetable for more info

Get Well Caitlyn!

Caitlyn’s mom is ill and had to travel from Florida to New York for treatments once a month. Chai4ever facilitated the travel and arranged appropriate accommodations. At the time, Caitlyn herself was put into the hospital for a week because of a medical scare. Chai4ever sent Caitlyn a Tsum Tsum as a get well gift which she was very excited to receive. It was a great addition to Caitlyn’s collection! Caitlyn more info

Cake Decorating!

Cake Decorating Class For Girls!

On Tuesday evening, Chai4ever arranged for a group of girls to get together for a cake decorating class. They each beautifully decorated a few cupcakes with different flower designs as they were taught. Everyone was clamoring for another class! An amazing time was had by all!! more info

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