Chai4ever’s Chol Hamoed Trip by the Numbers

234 Families

1025 Hot Dogs

354 Scoops of Tuna

1600 Crispit Crackers

2320 Bags of Chips

3250 Chocolate Bars

3000 Pesach Cookies

1200 Drink Boxes

880 Water Bottles

6 Cases Fruit Juice

50 Bottles of Soda

1530 Fruit Leathers

76 Pounds Assorted Candies

1 Unbelieveably Fun Chai4ever Adventure!


Posted by on May 3, 2016

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August 22, 2016

Camp4ever! is now a reality!! After a massive welcome party in Lakewood, and a quick detour to Passaic to crash a camper’s bar mitzvah party, the Camp4ever! busses are making their way south, filled with elated counselors and campers! Stay tuned for details of our adventures!



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We are hard at work putting the finishing touches on an exciting new project – Camp4ever! Children with a seriously ill parent need to shoulder adult burdens, both practically and emotionally. They desperately need a summer break where they can just be kids again. But pressures and financial difficulties associated with disease make camp too difficult for their families to  Read More >>

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