Chai4ever Makes Pesach for Hundreds of Families Fighting Illness

For hundreds of families overburdened with the troubles of parental illness and treatment, making Pesach seems impossible. Chai4ever has taken the load of preparing for Yom Tov away from them, making Pesach happen for families with a mother or father suffering from a serious illness. “Simply cleaning and preparing is not enough. At Chai4ever, we strive to make every family feel like kings and queens, despite living with illness,” says Mrs. Leah Nadler, a Chai4ever Case Manager. Chai4ever carries out chores with as much enthusiasm and joy as they devote to their world-class Pesach event.

Cleaning. An army of Chai4ever volunteers spent literally hundreds of hours vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing, and polishing. Professional cleaning services, paid for by Chai4ever, supplemented the volunteer hours. “At Chai4ever we stress the importance of getting rid of not only the chometz,” explains Ezi Levi, Chai4ever’s Director of Social Services, “but also the anxiety, stress and worry that can pervade the home.”

Cooking. Chai4ever recognizes that preparing Pesach meals is a daunting task for mothers whose focus is on getting well. Volunteers have been busily cooking full Seder meals, Yom Tov Seudos, and Chol Hamoed dinners, and volunteers are racking up the miles delivering all these packages to Chai4ever’s families. “Just as our families rely on Chai4ever, we rely on our dedicated volunteers,” said Rabbi Shmuel Zaks, Executive Vice President and Founder of Chai4ever. “We even had a chassan and kallah who took a detour on the way home from their Shabbos Sheva Brachos to drop off a box full of Pesach goodies.”

Children. In the frenzy of pre-Pesach prep, keeping children positively occupied isn’t easy, but Chai4ever’s Big Brothers and Sisters are up to the task. They are a vital resource for the whole family – taking the kids out to the park, on special outings, and just making them feel secure and cherished.

Fun. Exciting recreational events lift children’s spirits and create opportunities for the family to enjoy spending time together. Chai4ever families are looking forward to an over-the-top Chol Hamoed Extravaganza at The Funplex this Pesach.

Respite. For some families, of course, having a normal Pesach at home is simply not possible, even with all the help in the world. Chai4ever generously arranged Pesach hotel vacations for them, allowing them to relax and rejuvenate.

Before Chai4ever, families had to shoulder these burdens alone. Our community is blessed to have Chai4ever’s supportive network that responds to specific needs of individual families with compassion and sensitivity. For more information, visit


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