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Chai4Ever Uses Rollercoasters And Ferris Wheels to Level the Ups & Downs Of Parental Illness

PENNSYLVANIA – When children are facing parental illness, a little rain is not much of an obstacle. Bad weather certainly did not stop more than 750 children and their parents from having the time of their lives when Chai4ever took them to Hershey Park on October 1 for a Chol Hamoed Sukkot outing. “They really thought of everything,” said Esther, mother of five from Long Island. “From transportation to a fleishig, kid-friendly meal in the sukkah, to t-shirts and a concert, my kids felt like a million bucks. It really made them feel like someone
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Thank You, Chai4ever

By a grateful wife A few weeks ago we started a conversation About how to spend our chol ha’moed vacation The kids started to fuss And Hershey Park they did discuss But to everyone’s dismay I had to say: “The expense is too great, the cost is too high It is not an amount that I can justify Let’s come up with a plan that won’t break the bank One that is fun and also can rank” Then came an e-mail at close to midnight I shrieked so loud from sheer delight “You are invited to Hershey to spend the day If you are interested call without delay” The
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