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Chai4ever Makes Pesach for Hundreds of Families Fighting Illness

For hundreds of families overburdened with the troubles of parental illness and treatment, making Pesach seems impossible. Chai4ever has taken the load of preparing for Yom Tov away from them, making Pesach happen for families with a mother or father suffering from a serious illness. "Simply cleaning and preparing is not enough. At Chai4ever, we strive to make every family feel like kings and queens, despite living with illness,” says Mrs. Leah Nadler, a Chai4ever Case Manager. Chai4ever carries out chores with as much enthusiasm and joy as they devote to their world-class Pesach

Chai4ever Brings Adar Joy to Families Impacted by Illness

Seriously ill patients and their families enjoyed an Adar to remember with Chai4ever’s joyous and spirited Purim programming. “Adar can be a time of despair and isolation for families who can’t embrace the joyous spirit of Purim,” explained Rabbi Shmuel Zaks, Executive Vice President and Founder of Chai4ever. “Our goal during this time was not only to relieve our children and families' pain, but to bring back the simcha and energy that leads to emotional and physical healing.” Hundreds of children kicked off an exciting Purim season at Chai4ever's spectacular Pre-Purim Carnival. Amidst the frenzy
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