Challenges Make Us Stronger

It’s now a start to a new year and this Rosh Hashanah marked the 8th year since we first became aware of Eric’s illness. I hope in this new year, it will also mark the end to his illness.

In July, Eric had a PET/CT that showed, for the third scan in a row, that the cancer had returned yet again. We waited for a while because the doctors cannot do a biopsy since it is in a place that is too dangerous to perform the procedure. We took multiple scans to confirm that it is disease. Thankfully, the cancer they found is small. They are not doing any treatments at this time because of the size of the cancer. We also cannot do any of the traditional treatments any more, so they are waiting to see how the disease progresses before deciding to treat him, since it would probably be a trial treatment. We are also hoping that current treatments work to either stabilize or even eliminate the cancer.

Eric is also challenged with multiple other issues because of the graft vs. host disease that resulted from his bone marrow transplant. These affect his mouth, eyes, skin, internal organs and stomach – he recently had to be hospitalized because of internal bleeding caused by this.

Although it’s hard on his body, and his strength is not what it used to be, despite all the crazy things going on in his body, he is fully functional, goes to work almost every day, and does the best he can to not let this affect his daily life. Most people who do not know us well have no idea and could never guess that he is ill at all. His humility throughout all of this is very inspiring to me. It is our job to be the best we can be, to reach our potential.

I have learned a very big lesson: no matter what challenges are thrown at us in life, they make us stronger and better as long as we don’t let those challenges defeat who we really are.

We do the best to enjoy life to its fullest and have been very blessed to have a life like ours. It’s crazy, non-predictable, difficult and sometimes very sad for me. “Future” is a great word, and I aspire to get there with my husband. Each year, especially in these awe inspiring days of repentance and renewing of our life and our year, I pray that I get to keep my husband yet another year.

Life is such a precious gift. It is not something to take for granted or to belittle. It is not a given or a right, it is a privilege. This time of year is for personal growth and self-development. It is a time of extra strength so we can make ourselves better. Don’t forget to take a look at the little things in life and enjoy them.

Every prayer does make a huge difference. Please keep Eric in your prayers along with all the others who are ill. We should pray that this year no one will need these prayers anymore and we can all rejoice together in only good things!

Have a sweet and meaningful new year!

Posted by Naomi Rivkah Most on October 6, 2014

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