Chai4ever’s Chol Hamoed Pesach Day of Fun and Adventure

Chai4ever’s Chol Hamoed Pesach Day of Fun and Adventure was a smashing success and turned illness and despair into Simchas Yom Tov!! Over one thousand Chai4ever children and parents enjoyed the exclusive use of FunPlex in Mount Laurel NJ. Everything was free including indoor and outdoor rides, unlimited arcades, bowling, lazer tag and much more! Chai4ever volunteers kept spirits soaring and energy pumping! A lavish food display had everything from salad, fruit, candy and chips galore, chocolate, fruit rolls and hotdogs! A rocking concert with Boruch Sholom and Yehuda Green was the perfect conclusion to an exhilarating day! Robyn L wrote “I wanted to thank you even though it’s hard to thank you enough for such an awesome day! Unlimited rides and games is every kid’s dream and that dream became a reality today!! Cancer adds a lot of worries to life but one thing I didn’t have to worry about was planning a fun Chol Hamoed trip. I didn’t even have to worry about taking enough food. You took care of everything and it was absolutely amazing!! It was a day we will all always remember. Thank you.”

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Posted by Chai4ever on April 28, 2016

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