Chai4ever in Israel

Chai4ever has expanded its operations to Israel! Our programs and services in Israel are making life easier for over 60 families this summer.

Trips, Travel, Friendship and Fun!

We have organized a summer camp for young children, ages 7-11, whose parents are seriously ill. The trip gives patients and their spouses a break while their children tour Israel for a week of new experiences and new friendships. “It’s really special to be with friends who understand what I am going through at home,” Shani remarked. The group will travel throughout the country, from the Golan Heights to Eilat, Tel Aviv to the Dead Sea.

Vacation – Spot On!

Chai4ever’s beautiful vacation spot, just minutes away from the beach, has become home to several families for mini-retreat vacations. Patients and their families are able to relax and regroup from the dual trauma of catastroChai4ever vacation homephic illness and life-threatening missile attacks.

The feedback from our patients has been tremendous.

Upon receiving the invitation for the family to benefit from this program, Ahava expressed her appreciation, “That’s really amazing! My family will be so happy!!!! Crying……Tears of relief, joy, gratitude!”

Shalva writes, “Just wanted to say thanks so much for putting together our mini vacation. Even having just 1 night was so great to relax and take a break from it all.”

Just the Beginning

Chai4ever continues to bring hope, strength and support for families impacted by the illness of a parent throughout the United States and Israel.

For more information, call 646.519.2190 or email

Posted by Chai4ever on August 12, 2014

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